Three Months 1-1 Online Coaching

Three Months 1-1 Online Coaching

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Three Months is the perfect time to reach the goals you have always wanted. We offer a completely personalised online coaching service, where you will receive a structured and easy-to-follow programme that is tailored to your goals, preferences and previous fitness experience. You will be provided with accountability support and weekly video check-ins to achieve sustainable and long-term results.

 What is included:

Daily Communication:

  • Available to reply to questions 7 days of the week. 
  • If you want feedback on your technique just send your coaches a video of you performing the exercise
  • If you are feeling unsure about your progress, feeling lost, or confused at any time you just need to reach out

Workout Programme:

  • Bespoke training plan tailored to you and your goals 
  • Including videos demonstrating the exercise. 
  • Adaptable depending on access to gym equipment or not

Nutrition Guide:

  • Calorie and macronutrient split to meet your goals
  • Meal ideas to fit into your calories
  • Discount codes for our brands


  • Weekly check-ins to keep you accountable to the programme. 
  • It is up to you to hold yourself accountable and stay on top of your check-ins. If you are skipping your workouts, guess who can see? We can!

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