After a few questions regarding how to stay motivated, we thought it would be helpful to fist outline what is getting you motivated.

So, first things firtst, is to set your WHY and outline your goals. 

Goals allow you to strive for success, which creates a sense of purpose and ambition, increasing your commitment towards achievement. On the face of it, goal setting seems simple, right? However, goal setting is a skill and like any skill, it takes plenty of practice to get it right.

So, how to set S.M.A.R.T Goals...

Specific. First things first, you must establish a detailed and specific goal.

Measurable. Your goals need to be able to be measured, allowing you to measure & track progress.

Attainable. Is the goal possible and is it based on personal circumstances, levels of motivation, and the desired timeframe? How is the goal going to be achieved?

Realistic. A goal maybe attainable; however, it may not be practical if the client can’t dedicate the resources (such as time), there are low levels of motivation or the timeframe is unrealistic.

Time. It’s essential to set an appropriate timeframe in which to achieve goals. Outcome goals generally take a long time and more effort typically needs to be put into achieving them. We find it useful to break down our overall goal, into smaller goals, and try to hit each milestone.