Reasons Why You're Bored Of Working Out

Bored of working out? You’re not alone, which is why we wanted to share how we still have a love of exercise. 

1. Same Old: Are you still doing the same things you started with? If you’re following an old workout plan, old YouTube video or the same old exercises then it’s no wonder you’ve lost your mojo for moving.  Just like your workout clothes, your workouts need changing regularly, not only to progress but to keep you interested! Perhaps it's time to treat yourself to a new PT. 

2. Timing :The time of day that you choose to exercise can really impact how effective your workout is. Ask yourself if you’re a morning, afternoon or evening person. When do you have your most energy? If you’re a productive morning person who has pushed their workout to the evening, then this is not going to be the best time for you. If you’re squeezing your workouts in during lunch when you really just need to have some food and relax for a second, then you’re never going to feel like getting a sweat on. Plan to do your workouts when they work for you. Choose your best and most optimal time and build it into your routine = habit. 

3. Outcome: If you're not seeing results you're going to get bored?! If you’re purely focusing on aesthetic based results then its no wonder you’re getting bored. Remember, change wont happen overnight and it definitely is not easy. Think about switching up what you call ‘results’, start tracking your steps, calories, macros, time, reps, weights etc. Not only notice a difference but feel more motivated and determined.  Once you start to take in those results, the body will swiftly follow. 

4. Music. Some great tunes can go a long way in motivating and driving a workout. Create a new workout playlist and get moving!