Mistakes We Made: Advice To Our Younger Selves

We have seen lots of people discussing how their fitness journey started off wobbly and we thought we would add some depth to the topic and explain exactly what we wish we could tell ourselves back at the start of our fitness journey. We  hope that this helps some of you who are just at the beginning of your journey into wellness!

  • Stop following fad diets. None of these “quick fixes” work. They are difficult to follow in the long run, normally lasting no more than a few days on them. Rather, a sustainable balanced diet is the answer. If you want long-term changes, you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes. To create a sustainable diet there should be a balance where you enjoy yourself but you are aware of what you are eating and aware that some foods should be limited.
  • Food quality matters. Studies have shown weight gain is strongly associated with processed foods, such as crisps, sugar-sweetened beverages and red meats higher in starches/sugars, refined grains, and fats/trans fats. We used to consume so much more high-calorie, low-nutrient, and highly processed foods when we were younger
  • Carbs aren’t the enemy, they are friends. No macronutrients or food group is the enemy. Instead, they are all essential for a balanced health life (in moderation). Carbohydrates are one of our main energy sources, providing us with the energy we need for our daily lives and many bodily functions. Completely cutting out carbohydrates is also an unsustainable diet change. However, you should be cautious of the source of carbohydrates you are consuming - refined carbohydrates should be limited. 
  • Lifting weights won't make you bulky. You aren’t going to suddenly look like the Hulk. It takes years to build muscle mass.. Lifting weights is actually empowering AF and makes you feel strong (which we love). Plus it's great for your bone density - Get involved (but if you’re completely new to weight-lifting, make sure you get some help to ensure you are doing it right and preventing any injuries).
  • You can't spot reduce fat. When you lose fat, you lose it from anywhere and everywhere. Your body decides how that happens not how any sit ups you do. 
  • Be realistic. The bigger picture is what matters. Don’t get caught up on the little details like what time you should eat, whether you should train fasted or fed, or if you should train in the morning or evening. These little variables don’t make a massive difference; what matters is moving your body more and nourishing it with wholesome foods.
  • Mistakes are an opportunity for learning and growth. Embrace them. Although you are unique, others have likely had similar experiences. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has setbacks but acknowledge these and use them for your growth.
  • There’s so much to learn. Read more, learn from your mistakes and don’t just push uncomfortable experiences under the rug. 

    Now is the time to establish good habits for life in every area; they might take a lot of hard work to form, but it’s worth the effort and missed television. Don’t worry about the future and follow your passion - do what you are good at and love doing.

    Some lessons will be painful but they will simply help you to grow. You won’t always see it at the time, but trust, you will learn a hell of a lot over the next few years. Invest in yourself!