How Facing Everything Changes Everything

How Facing Everything Changes Everything
So, with a lot going on at the moment, we know times can be difficult. We want everyone to really focus on themselves this week and try and come out of that comfort zone bubble of yours and face up to your challenges. 

The hardest part of making real change is facing yourself. Often we think that the things that hold us back are out there in the world. In all honesty, very often what holds us back is in our own hearts and mind!

Facing yourself can be scary. However, if we don’t learn to face ourselves we can limit our ability to transform and progress in life. Accepting the reality of your life sounds like it should be easy enough. But many, many people hold to their own version of reality. It may be based on regret and disappointment. Failing to connect with reality is why some of us may not be progressing in life.

How to face yourself

Generally, there are two major parts to facing yourself. The first is learning and understanding your values (get familiar with what makes you good and what you enjoy). And the second is accepting and working with your mistakes (get to know and understand the parts of yourself you’d prefer to ignore or destroy).

  1. Accept yourself
  2. Acknowledged your reality
  3. Admit your mistakes
  4. Own your outcomes
  5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable 
  6. Accept that struggle will always be part of your reality 
  7. Make a plan for reaching your goal
Become The Best Version Of Yourself