Engage in life

We both recently listened to a podcast which made us both think about how important it is to really engage in life! Both of us find we are often easily distracted….we usually find our minds wandering off onto other things whilst we’re trying to work or when listening to podcasts or watching tv. And we think a lot of people experience this. The mind wanders a lot! This can lead to you not focusing on your work, on your conversation, on the film you are watching and can then make you feel unproductive.

BUT it is possible to make yourself feel present and less distracted by thoughts in your head, so that you actually live life rather than spend so much time engrossed with thinking about life. Your brain can be trained! 

In today’s society we can so easily become wrapped up in our busy lives, and then we find ourselves going from one day to the next, without even really noticing what is going on around us. We don’t look up! BUT we need to look up...we can’t just let the world spin around without enjoying it, we need to better connect to the people and environment around us.

Phones!! They are one of the key culprits for stealing our attention! One key way to improve your engagement with life is by learning to be more mindful with your technology and social media use. Go for walks, embrace what is going on outside and don’t look at your phone. When you’re out with your friends, put your phone away...you don’t need to be on your phone when you’re socialising face-to-face with your friends! Social interaction is sooo important for our mental wellbeing...face-to-face interaction!

Appreciate meals - the smell, texture, taste! Think about how it is nourishing your body!

Have conversations - even the difficult conversations that we have to have in our lives sometimes! Have these conversations, let them off your chest!

Stay in the present moment. It is easy to get lost in scenarios about what could happen in the future. Minimise what you let into your head early in the day. E.g If we check Instagram, emails, Facebook early in the day then we have found that we will have more thoughts bouncing around in our head.